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Custom code
Industry: Technology

Blockchain, the underlying technology for cryptocurrencies, can be complicated to explain. In this project, the subject is broken down and presented with great simplicity.

Artificial Intelligence

Custom code
Industry: Technology

AI has taken the world by storm. But what is it? How does it think? Hands-on interactions create true learning experiences.

Data Integrity

Articulate Storyline
Industry: Business Administration

Teaching managers to properly code their employees' cost center can be a fairly dull experience. The solution was to follow a few brief screens of content with The Data Bug Challenge – a game designed to be both entertaining and effective.


Unity game engine
Industry: Cyber Security

What if the script was flipped, and instead of being the target, you were the Hacker? This simulation raises awareness of common vulnerabilities by employing a real game experience.

Fire Response

Articulate Storyline
Industry: Healthcare

Whether or not you are in a patient environment, the proper response to a fire requires you to assess the situation and employ the correct techniques.

What would you do if a fire breaks out?

Newborn Screening

Articulate Storyline
Industry: Healthcare

A newborn screening requires taking specimens with the right tools at the right time. Test your knowledge with hands-on interactions.

Radiation Safety

Articulate Storyline
Industry: Healthcare

Understand the risk factors and best safety practices to limit exposure.

A high profile, high-priority client initiative.


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